Dental Federal Way

Dental Federal Way

For the best dental in Federal Way, visit Universal Dental Care. We are a family dental clinic that offers a wide range of premium dental services at affordable prices. Whether you are new to the area or you are looking to switch dentists, Universal Dental Care team would love to meet you. We provide dental consultations, cleanings, checkups, teeth whitening, and examinations for first-time patients who are interested in our dental services. Feel free to call us to speak to us. We can schedule you for an appointment at a date and time that's convenient for you.

You likely already know the benefits of visiting a dentist routinely. Better oral health, better overall health, increased self-confidence/self-esteem, avoidance of major oral health problems, and the correction of existing problems; these can all be attained with routine trips to the dental clinic. Universal Dental Care welcomes you and your family to visit us and receive the care you deserve.

How Much Do Dental Services Cost in Federal Way?

Different dental services have different price tags. Even among two patients, the exact same service may have different prices. How does this work? For example, let's say two dental patients are interested in dental implants. Now, let's say each patient needs just one dental implant for the same missing tooth, using the same implant materials at the same dental clinic. The first patient has just recently lost his tooth, so there is no problem installing the implant post. However, the second patient lost his tooth eight years ago, and the bone surrounding where the tooth used to be has begun to recede.

In a situation like this, the second patient is going to pay more for his dental services because there will likely be additional dental services needed to prepare him for his dental implant. For example, he will likely need bone grafting before the implant can be installed. This is just one example of how prices for dental services might vary. The best way to find out how much your dental services will cost is to come in for an examination and speak with a qualified dentist. Universal Dental Care provides high-quality dental in Federal Way at some of the lowest prices in town!

What Services Does a Dentist Offer?

At Universal Dental Care, we are general dentists or primary care dental providers. We are also family dentists, meaning that we provide dentistry for every member of the family, regardless of age. It's important to know that each dentist may offer different services. You'll definitely want to check with a dental clinic before scheduling an appointment with them. For example, there are some dentists who specialize in whole mouth reconstruction. This type of dentist is excellent at his or her line of work, but you might not want to choose them to be your family or general dentist.

For the best dental in Federal Way, schedule an appointment with Universal Dental Care. You'll be glad you did. We look forward to meeting and treating you.

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