Dentist Federal Way WA

Dentist Federal Way WA

Universal Dental Care would like to share a few tips with you that you can keep in mind as you look for your next dentist in Federal Way, WA. Sometimes, we get new patients here who have had a bad experience with another dentist. While these situations are sad, and while welcome new patients with open arms and an open mind, many of these mishaps result from miscommunication between the dentist and the patient. The first tip is to keep in mind that no two dentists are the same.

What Kind of Dentist do You Need?

If you are looking for a new dentist in Federal Way, WA, then the first thing you need to do is decide what kind of dentist you are looking for. This is important to determine upfront because different doctors have different expertise and different areas of practice. For example, there are children's or podiatric dentists, family dentists, general dentists, emergency dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, dental surgeons, and more. Often, many dentists will offer a combination of specialty services, especially if they have more than one dentist on staff.

Determining your need will help you narrow down your list of potential new dentists. Once you are able to narrow down your list, then it's just a process of elimination. Against much of the conventional wisdom, Universal Dental Care encourages you to take a somewhat radical approach to find a dentist.

Visit the Dental Clinic in Person

For the average person who is looking for a new dentist in Federal Way, WA, they are going to start with by googling "dentist in Federal Way." Then, they narrow down their list as we described here, and they'll pick up their phone and start calling dental clinics. Rather than calling around, why not go into the clinic in person? Note, many dentists and dental clinics prefer that new patients call first. This way, they can schedule you for a time and date. Walk-ins often aren't accepted just because there is no dentist available at the time when the patient walks in. Still, you can stop in between 2:00 pm - and 4:00 pm, Mon - Fri. The idea isn't to get seen by a dentist on the first visit (unless they offer). Instead, this initial pop-in visit is to see the place in real-time.

Choosing a Dentist in Federal Way, WA

Over the phone, anybody can tell you what you want to hear. By stopping into a dental clinic unannounced, you can talk to the receptionist, get a sense of the place, see if it's clean, and determine if the staff is friendly. If the dental clinic meets your criteria, you can schedule an initial consultation while you are there. Of course, the initial consultation is not a commitment for you. It's just a one-time deal, and if you don't like it, you don't ever have to go back again. In the worst-case scenario, you can probably get a teeth cleaning and examination at a highly discounted price because most dental clinics offer great discounts for first-time patients.

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