Dentist Tacoma Washington

Dentist Tacoma Washington

When choosing a new dentist in Tacoma, Washington, look for a care provider who can meet your whole family’s needs in a single location. You’ll not only save time by not having to commute to more than one clinic when you select a full-service dental office, but you’ll also save money on treatment. Consider Universal Dental Care for general dentistry in Tacoma, WA in a friendly, caring atmosphere. Your family’s smiles and comfort are our focus of attention when you come in for your next checkup.

Full-Service Family Dentistry in Tacoma

At Universal Dental Care, we treat patients of all ages in our upscale dental clinic. When you need a thorough cleaning and digital imaging, make us your first choice for dental health checkups. Don’t be surprised to learn that many of your friends and neighbors trust us for restorative, cosmetic, and specialized dentistry, as well:

-Patient education and prevention dentistry services that help you avoid future treatments. We recommend that everyone in your home visit our office for six-month exams and cleanings. Creating an individual care plan is as simple as scheduling a consultation with our staff.

- Cosmetic whitening, the most cost-effective way to improve your smile. When searching for an affordable dental clinic in Tacoma that can enhance your smile, look no further than Universal Dental Care for a brighter, healthier-looking smile that turns heads wherever you go. We are proud to offer patients the newest Zoom! treatment that delivers results in 30-45 minutes.

- Pain-free extractions at Universal Dental Care. From general extractions to emergency services and wisdom teeth removal, we make your visit a relaxed and stress-free experience. If you need an extraction and are worried about pain or anxiety, rest easy knowing we are committed to maintaining your comfort throughout treatment.

- Same-day emergency dental in Tacoma when you need urgent dental care. Call our office immediately if you’re experiencing tooth pain, an abscessed tooth, a dental injury, or any other issue that causes concern. After providing you with over-the-phone pain management options and advice, we’ll begin rearranging our schedule to make room for you in our day.

- Restorative Dental Care in Tacoma includes many different treatments and procedures- everything from root canal therapy and fillings to full mouth makeovers. If you’re unhappy with your smile or have avoided seeing a dentist for one reason or another, we can offer many options to restore your smile.

Your Family’s New Dentist Cares About Your Smiles

At Universal Dental Care, we are not just another dentist in Tacoma, Washington; rather, we are committed to meeting all of your dentistry needs with gentle dental technology. Read our reviews and check with your friends & neighbors to see how we measure up with other dentists within the community. If you’re new to Tacoma or are thinking about switching dental care providers, we have room for you in our practice. Book your first visit online or call our front desk if you have any questions.

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