Wisdom Teeth

Most people develop wisdom teeth in their late teens and early 20s, but not all of them have enough room to fit these late-arrivers. Universal Dental Care, located in Federal Way, WA, are experts at removing wisdom teeth that are misaligned or impacted. If you’re worried about your wisdom teeth, call the office today to make an appointment, or schedule a visit using the online tool.

Wisdom Teeth Dentist in Federal Way, WA and Tacoma, WA
Wisdom Teeth FAQ

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop in the mouth, and are actually the third row of molars in the mouth. Not everyone actually grows these teeth at all, although this is a small percentage of the human population. Some people grow their wisdom teeth without any problems, but it’s very common for wisdom teeth to have complications.

How can I tell if my wisdom teeth are misaligned?

Misaligned or impacted wisdom teeth can be difficult to spot until it’s too late. Luckily, however, the team at Universal Dental Care is able to identify problem wisdom teeth before they become a concern using dental X-Rays.

If you don’t identify these teeth using x-rays, there are other ways to spot problems with wisdom teeth:

  • Food gets stuck behind them
  • The wisdom teeth face different angles to the rest of the teeth
  • The wisdom teeth are crowding a nearby tooth
  • The wisdom teeth or tooth has barely erupted from the gum

Over time these teeth will start to cause pain and discomfort, and increase the risk of infections and decay in the mouth. Your other teeth can even become misaligned as your wisdom teeth constantly press against them.

How can I spot an impacted wisdom tooth?

Besides dental x-rays, impacted wisdom teeth can be identified by the following symptoms:

  • Reddening, swollen gums
  • Tender or bleeding gums
  • Pain in the jaw or gums, particularly when chewing
  • Chronic bad breath, or a persistent bad taste in the mouth
  • Difficulty opening your mouth

What should I expect during wisdom teeth extraction?

Extracting wisdom teeth is a common dental treatment that is safe and predictable, able to be performed in a single visit. Conscious sedation, local anesthetic, and general anesthetic are all available.

Once you’re anesthetized, your Universal Dental Care dentist will make an incision at the gum and extract the tooth from the root. Having removed the tooth, the wound will be closed and the empty socket packed with gauze.

You’ll need a ride home from Universal Dental Care, as you won’t be allowed to drive. There will be some swelling and tenderness as your gums heal, but this will pass quickly.

If you need wisdom teeth removal in Washington Way, WA, contact the team at Universal Dental Care to schedule an appointment. We also serve as a dental walk in clinic in Federal Way, WA to cater to same-day and emergency visits.

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